Savings we’ve achieved for our clients

In the video below, you’ll find a list of just some of the successful projects we’ve completed over the past sixteen years.

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B 360ProductWood briquettes for export

Item / type
B 362 Product Hospital bedsheet for export
B 361 Product Wheat flour for export
B 359 Product Furniture for export
B 358 Product Fertilizer for export
B 357 Product Condoms for export
B 356 Product A certain number of 20′ containers
B 355 Product PPE equipment: medical grade FFP3 respirator masks – gowns – surgical caps
B 354 Product Face shields (based on Corona Virus running in GB) and other PPE items
B 353 Product KN95 masks (based on Corona Virus running in GB) and other PPE items
B 352 Product Canvas/plastic bags
B 351 Product Food container made of cardboard – several 1,000’s per year
B 350 Product Up to annually 1,000 pest controlling items
B 349 Packing items About 60,000 special packing items per year are requested
B 348 Charcoal holder annually 1000 pieces made of aluminium or stainless steel
B 347 Cover for tubes 400,000 pieces per year
B 346 Contacts Customer in Serbia (manufacturing company) asked for contacts able to help him with a project in the field of intellectual property – gave them to him
B 344 Product A transportation container for a special tool
B 343 Product Accessories for a special tool
B 340 Products Retail items (Fashion items, Perfumes, Lighters, Tiles Marbles, Wooden Floors, Smart-phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs, Air conditioner etc…)
B 339 Product Public Buses and Dump trucks
B 338 Product String beads  –  glass beads  –  glass garlands
B 337 Product Several thousand brushes
B 336 Product Material/elements for building Garden Offices
B 335 Product 200 used lap tops and 200 PC’s for export to an African country
B 334 Product Steel springs
B 333 Information / research SLEC is looking for supplier of the process “grinding herbs & spices” and using our facilities
B 332 Product Stainless steel profiles
B 331 Product Perfume bottles
B 330 Product Bespoke components (2,400 pieces) made out of aluminium and POM
B 329 Product Plast part – inital demand not huge – a tiny plate with print on both sides and cut in special way
B 328 Service Food service
B 327 Product Special bespoke metal product – annual demand about 48,000 pieces
B 326 Product Wallet protecting contactless payment cards for random readers
B 325 Product Wine dispenser / wine cooler
B 324 Product Corporate gift: money clips – for testing, the first quantity to be 300
B 323 Product A toy in several versions, and expected manufacturing quantities of maybe 3,000 per year
B 322 Product Low cost corporate gifts – continuously running project
B 321 Product 100,000 units plastic A5 clear zipped wallets – project stopped because of changed priorities at client
B 320 Product Card holder like a wallet, made of leatherlike material – project stopped because of economy at client
B 319 Product 25,000 liter tanks for defined fluid – 50 pieces   –   project stopped because it is a scam
B 317 Product Office chairs – 60 pieces with option for 300   –   closed
B 316 Product Informed about solar collectors to potential client
B 315 Product LED bulbs/lamps
B 314 Project offer This public organisation is searching for organisation to provide, install and maintain Christmas Lights in a town centre
B 313 Project offer This public organisation asked for tenders for a special project – informed suppliers about it
B 312 Project offer This public organisation asked for tenders for a special project – informed suppliers about it
B 311 Product Tags made of leatherlike material – up to 30,000 pieces   –   ongoing
B 310 Product Wallet made of leatherlike material – up to 30,000 pieces   –   ongoing
B 309 Speech Delivered speech about “Outsourcing of Procurement” for a group of manager/company owners  in Bromley
B 307 Equipment Chairs (300) for a church
B 306 FOR SALE Packaging / wrappings – very special     –     ongoing
B 305 Paper Paper   –   ongoing
B 304 Equipment & service Scaffolding material  –  equipment and service (process)   –   ongoing
B 303 Process & equipment Shot peening equipment and service (process)   –   ongoing
B 302 Ongoing Ongoing
B 301 Flyer / wallet For customer search for alternative supplier of these parts – conditions: 3,000,000 per year
B 300 Ongoing Ongoing
B 299 Ongoing Ongoing
B 298 Ongoing Ongoing
B 297 Ongoing Ongoing
B 296 Ongoing Ongoing
B 295 Ongoing Ongoing
B 294 Ongoing Ongoing
B 293 Mediation Communicated German customer to English supplier
B 292 Project Delivered speech at South London Export Club about the current 8 billion dollar project “establishing subway in Ho Chi Minh City” – purpose: make the proper company interested in this project
B 291 Machinery Soup processing equipment – this job starts with the definition of stations and capacities
B 290 Aluminium profile Research job – preparation for upcoming demand
B 289 Name card holder Actual demand: name card holders (low cost)
B 286 Flowmeter Research jobs: sought and found suppliers of flowmeters solely based on nameplate at the existing installation
B 285 Steel plates Search and found supplier of steel plates (low cost)
B 284 Cartridge heater Searched for customer for cartridge heaters (to be used in packaging machines)
B 283 Zinc products Searched for customer for zinc products – either raw-casted or machined
B 281 Webpage Established internet page for company specialised with Facility-Service (see
B 280 Machine chain Searched for machine chain supplier
B 279 Course Organised and held Sushi course
B 278 Bespoke aluminium parts Searched world wide for manufacturer for special aluminum construction – searched in Europe and Asia
B 277 Fridge compressor Purchase of 1000-2000 fridge compressors for African country
B 276 Manufacturing basis/report Establishment of marmalade production in African country
B 275 Sale of special product Sale of special product
B 274 job offer Offered “freelance accountancy job” for DK427
B 273 Report Elaborated strategically profile for nationwide organization
B 272 Feasibility study Elaborated Feasibility study for real estate/housing project in Gambia
B 269 Stock procedure Temporary job for company near Aarhus – stock procedure
B 268 Sesame seed 2000 tons Sesame seed Umra-type for sale. Price 795 USD per tons ex work Tanzania
B 267 Silk broidery Silk broidery – handmade – from Viet Nam for sale
B 266 Ice cube equipment Ice-cube-equipment for Africa
B 265 Billing system Establishing a billing system for this customer
B 264 Outsourcing Outsourcing of production
B 263 Financing Financing of gym-hall for independent school
B 262 Webpage Establishing website
B 261 Webpage Establishing website
B 260 Water cooler Used water cooler for drinks
B 257 Salad oil Salad oil for use in Cameroon is requested
B 256 Engine oil Engine oil for use in Cameroon is requested
B 255 Asphalt road An asphalt road shall be established in The Gambia – we are looking for offers – for details please contact us
B 253 Project report Elaboration of project description for achieving of financing (IT-/internet-project)
B 252 Insurance For huge real-estate looked for cheaper insurance conditions
B 251 stairs Looked for 1/4-step-stairs for client
B 247 database development Developed database incl. necessary screens and enquiries for customer
B 246 Silk clothes Silk-products from Thailand: textile in silk can be offered
B 245 Kitchen machines For client in West-Africa we are looking for: Cappuccino-machine, Shawarma-machine, Soft-ice-cream-machine
B 244 Radio station Establishing of radio station in clients home country (outside Denmark) using the procedure: scope of necessary supply – elaborate budget for purchase – realizing the project
B 243 Meters For partner in Japan we are looking for measuring instruments for use in Kuwait
B 242 Engine For partner in Japan we are looking for diesel-driven fire-engine, mounted on trailer, for use in Kuwait
B 241 Foodstuff Foodstuff from Asia – for more information please contact us
B 240 Internal transport equipment Customer ask for information re. establishing of some production within “internal-transport-equipment”
B 239 Webpage Contact in London is looking for partner in DK for production of the artistic part of a homepage
B 238 Real estate Real estate in African country for sale
B 237 Components for WWTP Marketing of components for water treatment plants
B 236 Catamaran Catamaran for transport of people (about 100) for the use in an African Country
B 235 Services for WWTP Marketing of services for water treatment plants
B 234 coffee machine, tea machine, ice cream machine Used Hotel equipment, like coffee machine, tea machine, ice cream machine for Africa
B 232 A company in Austria asked for selling their products and services by using Barter
B 231 education system International marketing of a unique education system within systems
B 230 Course Course “Project Management” with items:
what is project management / different types of projects / differences between project management and ordinary management / profile of project manager / project manager = creator of changes / evaluation of project group members and their contribution to the project / how to establish project-oriented organization / evaluation, objectives, planning (hereunder controlling and time estimation) of projects and thereto connected systems like PERT or Microsoft Project (offer)
B 229 Orchids Orchids for Denmark/Europe
B 228 Sludge/slurry suction engine/car Sludge/slurry suction engine/car for Africa for emptying septic tanks in villages
B 226 vacuum packing machine for fish For customer looked for vacuum packing machine for fish
B 225 glass bead, strings of glass beads, and accessories for the manufacturing of necklaces Customer in Germany is asking for supplier of glass bead, strings of glass beads, and accessories for the manufacturing of necklaces e. g. locks for strings, several metal- and silver parts for strings  – supplier should be interested in a long-term-partnership
B 224 Quality assurance Quality assurance: establishing a system ensuring that items within a huge plant are transported on site in the right order of erection considering the manufacturing flow and stock situation (Offer)
B 223 IT, account and economy Offered course within “IT, account and economy” with content “creditor- and debtor-management”, “meaning of database, construction, use, maintenance, screen building, enquiries and communication with Excel or Word”
B 222 Paper Paper to Africa: size A4 80 g/m2 in packages 500 pcs. Each
B 221 Evaluation of damaged items within a project supply for replacement and report for compensation
B 220 Speech regarding “buying and selling a company” organizes/prepares for realization primo 2003 for members of 3 groups within IDA
B 219 Focal lenses for partner in Africa
B 218 For Indian partner offering his capacity. Accounts keeping, Eng. Drawings, Printing in high quality at low prices. Sourcing in India for services ( IT, Eng. Drawings, steel fabricated items, garments, leather garments, spices, furniture, handicrafts etc.)
B 217 Tourist vessel incl. financing of same offers to Africa
B 216 IT-development / system consultant. The development will happen with the basis in Unix / Linux / Windows platforms with all essential development languages
B 214 Looked for user of production capacity in Viet Nam
B 213 Flowers from Africa to Denmark
B 212 Speech about barter-trading, advantages with this kind of trading-possibilities, hereunder achievable savings by outsourcing
B 211 For tailor in Thailand looked for customer in Denmark
B 210 African fish processing company asked for assistance – what kind not defined by now
B 209 Fish in cans for client in Europe
B 208 Incubator for Eritrea
B 207 Electrical generator for Eritrea
B 206 Scrap Iron to Pakistan
B 205 Offered production-capacity for components made of fiber glass and/or composite material
B 204 Gas Heating Pump for air-conditioning for client in Japan
B 203 Electrical Hoist, Electrical Brisket Saw, Electrical Back Bone Saw, Row bone crusher, cooker of 1 ton, Centrifugal Fat Extractor, Boiler of 1.25 ton (Electrical Driven), Crack Ling miller, Fat collecting tank for Ethiopia
B 202 Implementation of purchasing-/procurement-system together with estimating-system – during this time we bought a lot of pumps, valves, bespoke engineered equipment, stone crusher, filter belt presses, blower, siphon, mixer, brush aerators, UV treatment, instrumentation, glass fibre tanks, compressors, sealings, bolts and nuts, chlorination equipment – total value around £ 3.8 million (about £ 4.6 million before negotiations)
B 201 All equipment, components and automation for ice cream machines (machines producing ice cream), hereunder frame walls – the most parts were in either aluminium or stainless steel
B 200 Searched for test companies
B 198 Offered financing of boiler egg production project in Ethiopia
B 197 Offered financing of agricultural project in Ethiopia
B 196 Teaching within Marketing and Strategy
B 195 Offered hotel-capacity in Gambia
B 194 Elaborated basic report re. “selling through international network” for minor manufacturer in DK
B 193 Toyota etc. from DK to Ethiopia
B 192 Building machinery to Ethiopia
B 191 Fruit from Gambia: Mango, Papaya, Orange, Melons Green Lemon
B 190 Car from Japan
B 188 Inquiry re. painting costs
B 187 Diamonds from Africa
B 186 Leather from India
B 185 Rice from Thailand
B 184 Vanilla from Africa
B 183 Handicraft from India
B 182 Furniture from India
B 181 Outsourcing of purchase/procurement
B 180 Milk Powder to Gambia
B 179 Oat-meal to Gambia
B 178 Used machinery
B 177 Car to Eritrea
B 176 Components to Greenland
B 175 Special construction in AISI 304
B 174 Chemical additives from France for Waste Water Treatment Plants
B 173 Ozone generator for contact in Turkey
B 172 Container transport to Gambia
B 171 IT-education free-of-charge (only for Danish citizen)
B 170 Selling quality clothes through private channels
B 168 Translation of WinFamily from Danish to German
B 167 Fish trawlers to Gambia
B 166 Tailored silk shirts from Thailand to DK
B 165 Pumps from Sweden to DK
B 164 Shoes
B 163 Transport costs of paintings DK to Japan
B 162 Textile coloring to Gambia
B 161 Micro wave oven to Gambia
B 160 Searched for special dosing pump in France
B 159 Used Toyota Hiace from Germany to Gambia
B 158 Ladies bags from China to Gambia
B 157 Optical instruments to Gambia
B 156 Partner in DK asked us to look for special file-system
B 155 English company looked for agent in DK
B 154 English company looked for agent in DK
B 153 Searched cheapest traveling DK to England
B 152 Solar cells to Africa
B 151 Aerators to Japan
B 150 Arranging sale of holiday-flats in France
B 149 Books re. real-estate-trading in France
B 148 Handicap-equipment from DK to Japan
B 147 Elaborated draft for project “Realizing a fair in Japan for Danish manufacturers”
B 146 Shampoo to Gambia
B 145 Building of work shop in DK: asked for prices and other conditions for evaluation
B 144 Searched for special cars in Germany for Gambia
B 143 Searched for cheapest transport DK to Japan
B 142 Arranged blacksmith-work
B 141 Helped a company-starter
B 140 Radio, TV-sets, amplifier etc. for Gambia
B 139 Sewing machines for Gambia
B 138 Furniture from Indonesia
B 137 Searched for toys with brand
B 136 Searched for sewing-workshops outside DK
B 135 Partner asked for economical help
B 134 Partner asked for database-print of IT-companies
B 133 Exclusive traveling: elaborated description of idea with Gambia as target
B 132 Partner asked for database-print of recruitment companies
B 131 Danish company was in need of prices of spare parts for very old equipment from Germany
B 130 For Danish producer looked for partner in Germany
B 129 Manufacturer of concrete tank looked for partner in Germany
B 128 Used wood-processing machinery to Gambia
B 127 Used copy- and fax-equipment to Gambia
B 126 Musicians from The Gambia to Denmark
B 125 Fish from Africa to DK
B 123 Searched for used cars Mercedes 190D from Germany to Africa
B 122 Searched for cheapest traffic possibilities to Zambia
B 121 Searched for cheapest traffic possibilities to Eastern Europe
B 119 Arranged modeling work
B 118 Searched for special books in England and USA (teaching Yoga)
B 117 Searched for supplier for isolating basement
B 116 Searched for supplier for heating-accounting system
B 115 Looked for supplier of new or used packaging-equipment
B 114 Partner in France looked for supplier of floor-warming equipment
B 113 Partner in DK asked for special valves in France
B 112 Partner in Switzerland asked us to find sales-partner in DK
B 111 Partner in DK asked us to find supplier of ozone-generators
B 110 Searched for help re. Spanish language for Danish partner
B 109 Offered valves to potential Danish user.
B 108b Offered ministries in Gambia financing of projects with social/humanistic content (consequence of some meetings at some ministries in Gambia). Same offer given to a company in Senegal after they contacted us.
B 108a Offered financing of project with social/humanistic content to a network in Zimbabwe
B 107 Given 4 partners possibility of reducing their phone bills with up to 60 % (by unchanged use of phone)
B 106 Searched for supplier of pipes made of cast iron
B 105 On behalf of raw-material manufacturer looked for customer of brass in DK
B 104 Offered raw-material for battery-production from Hong Kong
B 103 Searched for alternative manufacturer on behalf of a sales company in Germany (manufacturer in France)
B 102 Searched for manufacturer of high-pressure valves incl. actuator for partner in DK
B 101 For partner in Zimbabwe elaborated basis for tourism-project
B 100 Started negotiations re. selling bolted tank-/container-constructions (this type gives savings by transportation)
B 099 Searched for special filter sand in Zimbabwe for customer at Philippines
B 098 For partner with unique product searched for sales channels nationally and internationally
B 097 At partner automated document procedure in a way that he achieved great savings in administration
B 096 For partner realized enormously savings by showing him how to use his systems more effective
B 095 Searched for the possibility of manufacturing of special bowls for house holding
B 094 Searched for used wood-processing/treatment machinery
B 093 Searched for raw-material for battery manufacturer in Zimbabwe
B 092 Searched for suppliers of scissors, flash lights, “Barbecue” equipment, knifes, toys for possible partner in Zimbabwe
B 091 Informed partner about that a so-called climate-wall can be used (pre-manufactured wall made of isolating material with heating-pipes build in)
B 090 Searched for heat-resistant pipes for partner in Silkeborg – found and informed about
B 089 Searched for PEX-pipes for partner in Silkeborg – found and informed about
B 088 Elaborated German business letters for partner in Grenaa
B 087 Searched for basic information regarding plastic cans for manufacturer in Aarhus
B 086 German head-hunter-company, connected to the Danish-German chamber of Commerce, asked us to find manpower to be rented for a job in Germany – offer produced
B 084 Informed potential German user about adventure-holiday
B 083 Arranged English-course (high level)
B 082 Arranged sale and transport of ladies-/girls-clothes to partner in Zimbabwe
B 080 Searched for supplier of special designed product for housekeeping (blacksmith, machinery company), with the demand of using barter-trade (value about USD 2,000-3,000)
B 079 Informed about consequences by using international contracts like FIDIC, ECE188x etc. for process equipment
B 078 In Hamburg searched for lawyer knowing about Danish and German laws
B 077 Participating in selling electronically products
B 076 Established theoretical conditions (description of basic idea, budgets, action plans etc.) for partner starting own business in Skaade near Aarhus/DK
B 075 Helped partner with finding information regarding a possible competing product on the Danish marked
B 074 Arranged architect-help for project in South-America
B 073 Implemented simple but working “accounting-system” at partner
B 072 Searched for PC-upgrading acc. to barter-Principe
B 071 Helped with English business-letters for partner’s correspondence with India
B 070 Searched for intensive Danish course for partner
B 069 Helped partner with business-letters in German after a possible business was gone wrong
B 068 Searched for fax-equipment with barter-trade for partner
B 067 Searched for lap-top with barter-trade for partner
B 066 Offered Danish product (company on Funen) to potential German user
B 065 Offered professional cleaning job
B 064 Searched for electrical-engineer for company in Aarhus-area
B 063 Searched for German supplier of building-facades for Danish user
B 062 Searched for chemistry-engineer for company in Aarhus-area
B 061 Searched for patent-engineer for company in Aarhus-area
B 060 Searched for supplier of windows for partner in Poland
B 059 Searched for technical purchaser for company in Aarhus-area
B 058 Searched for supplier to Polish supermarket for building equipment
B 057 Searched for user of new sailboat-concept (partner in DK – expected user in Germany)
B 056 Searched for investors (USD 0.3-0.4 mill.) for new business-concept
B 055 Realized implementation of purchasing-/procurement-system together with estimating-system. Technical content: buying
300 l-pump, Air compressor set, Anchor bolts, Belt press, Blower, Bolts+nuts, Boni ventilatorer, Brush aerator, Chlorination station, Compressor, Conductivity meter, Container, Conveyor belt, Diffusorer, Dosing pumps, Duck foot, Fiber glass tank, Filter, Flat helical, Frequency converter, Gaskets, Gastech boiler + burner, Heat exchanger, Heating control, Hibon Scour air blowers, Humidity control, Instrumentation, Insulation caps for heat exchanger, Measuring equipment, Mixer, Neoprene-sealants, Nozzles, Penstocks, Pipe insulation, Polymer, Portable oxygen meter, Process automation, Pumpex-Seepex Pump, Pumps, Pumps + valves, PVC components, PVC-split tank, Sample collector, Seepex-excentersnailpumps, SERA-pumps, Siphon, Siphon, weir, float switch, Skrubber, Sludge scraper, Sludge treatment equipment, Slurry, Stirrer, Stone crusher, Strong gear, Support container building, Technical coal, tube membrane diffusers, Tube pumps, Tune tank, UV treatment, Valves, Viking Johnson clutches, Weights, Weirs & pipes …
For 5 years spent about GBP 2 million per year on above mentioned
B 054 Searching for traffic signs for partner in Germany – assumed order amount USD 100.000
B 053 On behalf of partner: Collected offer re. air purification and deodorizing equipment
B 052 On behalf of partner: collected offer re. pipe-installation-work for company
B 051 Arranged working power for removal
B 050 Arranged Stand-Up-Comedian for private party
B 049 Participated in the start of a trading company in Aarhus
B 048 Realized professional car-repair according to barter-Principe
B 047 Realized professional cleaning-job according to barter-Principe
B 046 Searched for supplier of building material accepting barter-trade
B 045 Searched for chartered accountant who will work according to the barter-Principe
B 044 Searched for truck
B 043 Searched for partition machine
B 042 Searched for supplier of plastic-bags
B 041 Searched for Danish partner for German company (oil-emulsions-branch)
B 040 Searched for copy-machines in barter-trade
B 039 Arranged establishing of exhausting-installation for bakery (new company)
B 038 Arranged the purchase of flavor for bakery (new company)
B 037 Arranged gas- and burner installation for bakery (new company)
B 036 For partner on Funen offered eel, noodles, tooth paste, casein to potential partners
B 035 Searched for a total of 60-100 tons particular fish for partner on Funen
B 034 Searched for architect-assistance for house-building in Nigeria for partner in Kolding
B 033 Offered office-facilities in Moscow for potential users
B 032 Searched for a number of fishing boats for use in Iran
B 031 Searched for 165 city-busses for use in Africa
B 030 On behalf of partner offered his capacity to 150 potential users in Aarhus-area
B 029 Searched for and arranged partnership between cleaning-company and partner in Brabrand/DK
B 028 Searched for and arranged partnership between painting-company and partner in Brabrand/DK
B 027 Searched for and arranged partnership between painting-company and partner in Aabyhoej/DK
B 026 Arranged partnership between Danish and German manufacturer
B 025 Searched for furniture for education center
B 024 Searched for UV-filter
B 023 For company searched for dictaphone
B 022 For company searched for scanner
B 021 For company searched for video machine
B 020 For company in Risskov/DK: arranged help from chartered accountant
B 019 Company in Aarhus/DK: searching for 2 PC with CD-ROM, 3 laser printer and 1 needle-printer
B 018 Arranged a cleaning job
B 017 For company in Skanderborg/DK: searching for paper- and plastic-bags for production
B 016 Searching for pumps for use in Iran
B 015 Participated in sales campaign for 2 Danish products in Germany
B 014 Company in Skanderborg/DK: Implemented book-keeping system and educated user in how to use it
B 013 Company in Aarhus/DK: Implemented book-keeping system and educated user in how to use it
B 012 Searching for financing for company-starter
B 011 Searching for photo- and video-equipment
B 010 Searching for industrial printer
B 009 Elaborated campaign for selling special capacity in Germany
B 008 Translation from Danish to German (sales letter)
B 007 Translation from Danish to German
B 006 Elaborated course “how works”
B 005 Based on the contact achieved by B 001 established financial support (DKK 1.000.000 with low interest)
B 004 Establishing of basis for financing of project
B 003 Establishing the basis for financing of project
B 002 Searching for partnership with PC-supplier
B 001 Searching for DTP-education



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