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Our services - How XN’K helps you to reduce manufacturing costs

Whether you’re a business with a need to increase profits by lowering the cost of your key components or an individual looking for a cost effective solution to completing your next project, XN’K are here to help with services including:

     National and international sourcing

     Purchase outsourcing

     Consultancy/contractor work within the area of procurement

     Consultancy/contractor work within the area of supply chain

     Consultancy/contractor work within the area of purchasing

     Establishing KPI's

     Certain kind of system analysis (and development)

     Organisational development

     Manufacturing development

     Inventory control

     Feasibility studies.

Why work with XN’K?

Saving money on those vital components or product parts may be the main benefit to working with XN’K, but it isn’t the only one. Partner with us, and you’ll also enjoy:

     A varied selection of cost-effective suppliers from across the globe

     A tangible return on your investment

     Lower overheads - Hiring a consultant means there’s no need to pay an expensive salary to an in-house purchaser.

     The peace of mind from knowing you won’t be burning any bridges with your existing supplier

     A simple, easy to follow process (see below).

How we work
Over the years, our experts have developed a tried and trusted system which enables us to produce the best possible results for you by following a simple step-by-step process:
1: Agreement
When you’re happy that XN’K are the right partner for you, we’ll sign both a contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for your protection and ask you to do the same.
2: Information gathering
Once both parties have signed the agreements, we’ll spend some time with you to get all the information we need to get the most accurate quotes matching your exact needs. Depending on the nature of the project, this may include:

     Order quantity



     Your annual needs

     Any other information about the components or parts you require that will help us to help you.

3: Supplier sourcing
Having gathered everything we need from you, we'll get to work on finding the right suppliers for the task at hand, and negotiate quotes on your behalf
4: Results delivery
To help you make an informed decision about the suppliers you want to work with, we’ll compile those quotes, along with any other relevant information, into an easy-to-read spreadsheet and present this to you.
5: Decision making and additional research
Using this spreadsheet, you’ll then decide which supplier(s) you’d like to work with and let us know.
From there, we’ll carry out further research into your chosen suppliers and the quality of their components and present this to you. Once you’re happy, we’ll negotiate with those suppliers on your behalf to start helping you make the kind of savings you need to make.